Chipwich Station

Our Chipwich Station will be a delight for every Ice-Cream and Cookie Lover. This savory pleasure is created with a beautiful blend of Stuffing Ice Cream in between two Chocolate Chip Cookies. These frozen treats bring the best of both worlds on one plate and will be a great addition to your next upcoming event.

The taste of our Chipwich is creamy, soft and will be enjoyed by kids as well as adults. You can add this exquisite Station at a Birthday Party, Network Events, Trade Shows and many Holiday Events, to give your guests the perfect Iconic Dessert.

Chipwich has been around for decades and made a special place in the classic American Dessert Menu. With our Station, your guests will be given the option of customizing this delicacy with their favorite Ice Cream zests. We offer multiple Flavors like Strawberry, Double Chocolate Chip, Butterscotch, and many more for the best customization.

These unique frozen delights are a great dessert option for adults, and our Professional Staff will serve every guest with utmost pleasure and enthusiasm.

Make our Freshly Baked Cookies and Premium Ice Cream Sandwich the center of attention at your next Celebration with our individual Chipwich Station.

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