Crepe Service

Looking for a food station that is loved and enjoyed by all? Crepes are the one for you! We offer a vast variety of Crepe food services, to mesmerize your guests by preparing their favorite crepe in front of them. These food delights are Sweet and Savory Dessert options, and our professional staff will make sure your guests are given out their customized crepes on time.

The biggest perk of our Crepe Station is the availability of tweaking it with favored toppings like Fresh Fruits, Chocolate Sauce, Powdered Sugar, and Fresh Whipped Cream. Whether you’re throwing an outdoor Baby Shower or a Formal Corporate Event, this Crepe Station will satisfy any crowd with its creamy and flavorful taste.

Allowing your guests to eat what they want is the best way to ensure the triumph of any Celebration. Our Crepe Menu with multiple ingredient addition options will please the taste buds of every connoisseur at your gala.

Our elegant crepe station is also a feast for the eyes. Beautiful and crisp crepes surrounded by colorful ingredients will become the center of attention at your next event. With our generous fresh fillings and freshly cooked crepes, your party of any size will be served with a Classic French Theme.

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