O2 Bar provides quality constructed, beautifully lit bars that transcends into any decor.

The bars we use are an unbelievable attention grabber and are visually appealing as well as highly functional these durable oxygen bars take up little space (10 feet x 6 feet), can fit through a standard doorframe and runs on one standard 110V  outlet.

Oxygen Aroma Stations:

The oxygen concentrator supplies the oxygen to each Oxygen Aroma Station. Four bottles or oxygen shots are placed into the Aroma Station, giving each user many different aroma flavors to choose from. Each flavor is designed to create a different mood. Each Aroma Station serves 1-4 people. Aroma bottles are lit from the base to highlight the bubbling effect of the oxygen being sent through the aroma.


Compact & lightweight for maximum flexibility
Durable and rugged environmentally tolerant design


We use oxygen generators, not high-pressure cylinders, so our products are completely safe and have been featured in public venues all over the world. The oxygen concentrator extracts oxygen from inside the room, in a continuous process providing up to 95% purified oxygen. We have the perfect machine for you whether you need a quiet efficient model or a little louder, more powerful option…

Oxyrator – Nose Hoses

More commonly called a nose hose. The oxygen concentrator pushes the oxygen through the aroma bottles into the Oxygen Aroma Station. The aroma enriched oxygen is then delivered to the end user who inhales it through a nose hose into the nostrils.