Fudge Puppy Station

Fudge Puppies are a Classic American Carnival Food that is created with a beautiful blend of Toasty Waffles with Chocolate Dipping. Now you can bring the flavors of this delightful treat to your Party with our Fudge Puppies’ Station, and create a stir of excitement among the crowd.

These treats are known to add a dash of Sweetness and Traditional Touch to any Event, and with the help of our Professional Staff, your guests will reminisce their childhood days in pure bliss. Even the Kids will make their memories with this Classic Snack, and it will soon become the center of attention at your Special Event.

We also give your guests an option of Customizing these Delicious Treats with added sweetness from ingredients like Honey and Freshly Whipped Cream. We also have Fudge Puppies dipped in Crushed Banana Chips, which gives this snack an even tastier touch.

These Waffles on a Stick will soon become the center of attention at your Event and will be adored by all age groups. Whether you’re hosting a Family Event or planning your Holiday Party this will be a great addition to the menu and will add a touch of Classiness to the Festivities.

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