Hawaiian Shaved Ice

The eyes of every food enthusiast become wider and gets a watery mouth with the sheer site of a Hawaiian Shaved Ice. These old school treats are a beautiful combination of ice flakes with absorbing flavoring syrups and are served in a plastic cone or cup. They are delicious in taste and brighten up the décor of any event.

Whether you want to throw a great birthday party for your kid, a baby shower for your best friend or a fun wedding reception of your own, these Hawaiian shaved ices will fit perfectly with any these and will put a smile on every guest’s face.

When the Shaven Ice is paired with your favorite flavor of ice cream, your taste buds will tickle, and you would want more and more of these dessert blessings. Our homemade syrups will leave a perfect rainbow effect on your tongue and will give you some respite from the outside scorching heat.

Our Hawaiian Shaved Ice will also blend well with your poolside party, and your guests will thank you for introducing such a delightful food station to your celebration.

Get your bikinis ready for this perfect beachside snack and enjoy a relaxing summer day.

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