Hot Chocolate Station

A rich cup of Hot Chocolate served in the cold wintery night is a memory that we all have of our childhood. Now you can give your guests a reminiscing delight with our Gourmet Hot Chocolate Station served with multiple topping options.

Our Professional Barista create the Classic Hot Chocolate from scratch by using premium chocolate with milk steamed to a perfect temperature. Your health conscious guests can choose from our varieties of Milk and Non Dairy while other food-savvy guests can enjoy our Hot Chocolate with multiple ingredients like Belgian Chocolate and Freshly Whipped Cream.

Whether it is a Christmas Party or a Family Get Together, our Gourmet Hot Chocolate Station will fit flawlessly in your Event’s menu list. It is adored and enjoyed by all age groups and is a great way of giving your guests a perfect drink to relax and unwind at your party.

The vibrant Hot Chocolate Station with varieties of Milk, Chocolates and other ingredients will also amplify the beauty of your event’s décor. The delicious blend of Hot Cocoa and Shaved Chocolate with quality milk is the perfect way to give your guests a Dessert that will take them to a heavenly place of their childhood.

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