Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Station

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is creamier and tastier than the regular ice cream. The secret behind this exquisite taste is the rapid freezing of the fat in water particles, which gives it a flavorful taste. The Liquid Nitrogen was used by the high-end restaurant to woo customers, but nowadays it is used in parties and grand celebrations to give guests a better option for their dessert.

We make fresh ice cream to order and add your favorite toppings like chocolate and strawberries to make the best-customized ice cream for our guests. This savory delight gets ready in under a minute will its smoky effects will make it the center of attention.

This mouth-watering dessert will melt in your mouth and has a velvety soft touch that will take you to a food heaven with every spoon. Pick from our range of Nitrogen Ice Cream Flavors or create your own, either way, your guests will have the best dessert at your Celebrations.

We freeze our special ice cream at -321 degrees! It is kinda cool enough to call this dessert the best you can ever have. It will give your guests a memorable time and delightful experience that will stay with them for a long time.

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