Mini Churro Station

With our Mini Churro Station, you can bring the zest and flavor of Spanish cuisine into your Dessert Menu. These foreign delights are Spanish snack that is created by delicately frying the dusted dough and topping it with sugar and cinnamon. Our Executive Chefs will serve your guests with the most authentic churro they can grab in America.

The mixture is prepared from scratch, and the frying is done to give these delights their signature brown color. The crispiness from the outside and the gooey texture on the inside makes our Mini Churros even more appetizing.

Whether you’re hosting a Conference or looking for a way to add a unique touch to a Gala Reception, these Sweet-Savory Treats will be a great addition to the Dessert Menu of your next Party.

Your guests will be mesmerized by these warm and delicious Mini Churros prepared and served by our Professional Staff. We also offer a range of multiple customization options like adding Melted Chocolates, Cinnamon, Powder Sugar, and many more Toppings.

There are also many Tangy Sauces available at our Mini Churro Station, which will make these dessert joys even more flavorful.

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