Mini Corn Dog Station

Who doesn’t love some crisp Mini Corn Dogs dipped in tangy sauces as a snack? These delicious popsicles are loved and enjoyed by all age groups, and is a great way to add charm and exciting to any Event. With our Mini Corn Dog Station, you can give your guests the best option of taking pleasure in indulging in this savory delight.

Our Event Staff are well trained to create that perfect brown and crisp Corn Dog treat that has a perfect snacking size. Our Station also offers multiple dipping sauces that will make these delicacies even more flavorful.

This Food Station will be a perfect addition to the feast of your Anniversary Party, and even Grand Opening, where all you want to do is relax and let your guests unwind. Our friendly staff will make sure everyone is given their favorite Corn Dog popsicles, customized with some lovely sauces.

Our Chefs know how to blend the Hot Dogs with cornmeal, and perfectly fry it for that ideal color, taste and gooey center. Now you can also add the blend and flavor of this Classic American delight to the mix with our Mini Corn Dog Station, and delight your guests with ease.

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