Pancake Station

A delight cake fried on both sides and topped with Sweet or Savory filling is a classic American Breakfast. The Pancakes have been a favorite of this country for decades and are enjoyed by millions of families every morning.

With our Pancake Station, you can delight your guests with sheer perfection and joy that can be customized in multiple ways. Our Station comprises of freshly Fried Pancakes with the availability of vibrant ingredients like Fresh Fruits, Bacon, Chocolate Chips, and many more Toppings.

Creating the perfect Pancake is an art that requires skill, precision and experienced hands that can create a beautiful Pancake mix and spread it evenly on the pan. Our Pancakes are created by our Executive Chef who creates everything from scratch, to give your guests the most wonderful Pancake eating experience.

Our Professional Chefs will create the perfect soft Pancake with your guest’s favorite ingredients, to make their stay at your Celebration filled with excitement and joy.

Whether you’re hosting a brunch, baby shower or a Staff Appreciation Day, you can never fail to impress your attendants with our Pancake Station.

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