Panini Station

Panini Sandwiches are crisp and warm from outside and filled with molten cheese from the inside, sigh! It is an absolute food delight that your guests can now enjoy at your next Celebration with our Panini Station. These melty sandwiches are stuffed with your favorite ingredients and different cheese, to give a perfect Cheesy Treat.

You can touch the highest cheese high with our Panini sandwiches and give your guests a great snack to enjoy at your lively event. We serve our delicious sandwiches with a side salad, chips or fries and customize them as per the wishes of the guests.

We highly recommend this sandwich heaven that will add oodles of excitement and charm to your next celebration. There is something extra for meat lovers and a veggie delight for vegetarians.

We serve our Panini Sandwiches Hot and Fresh, which makes our station the most popular one at every party. Our Professional Chefs prepare colorful vegetables and crispy potatoes additions, to give the best Panini eating experience for your guests.

Now you can break the regular peanut butter sandwich routine and enter the world of new sandwiches with our Panini Station.

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