Smoothie & Frappuccino Bar

Healthy eaters are always crazy for smoothies and want to get a hand on these tasty drinks whenever they can. Make your party a more inviting and flavorful place by introducing our smoothie and Frappuccino bar. Our drinks are made from scratch with fresh fruits, organic ingredients, to allow you guests to have a healthy and blissful time at your celebrations.

From berry-lime juice to mango madness smoothies, we have every seasonal fruit fresh and ready for your guests with their favorite toppings.

Whether you’re throwing a relaxing poolside party or a get-together with your pals, staying healthy is now an option with our wide range of vibrantly colored smoothies.

Customizable smoothies are available, where your guests can add their favorite toppings and make it even healthier and tastier. These combinations of savory flavors will make your mouth water and your tongue longing for more. It will become the center of attention at every party and is a unique idea, to allow your guests to unwind and enjoy their time at your event.

It is a classic summer drink that will make your hot day events cooler and soothing. Our professional bartender will serve your guests with their favorite smoothie that will rejuvenate their senses with cold vibes.

Get our smoothies and Frappuccino bar today and add a tangy twist to your next big party.

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